Finding The Beat

A feature documentary film met a literary blog and the rest is history.

The filmmakers of Finding The Beat are proud to showcase the work of Andres Salaff. Mr. Salaff recently graduated from Calarts and works in Los Angeles in the field of animation.

Andres on THE DEADLINE: ” The Deadline is my second year film from Calarts. It is heavily inspired by the writings of Latin American surrealist writers Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortazar. I was exposed to their works while I was studying Latin American Literature at the Ohio State University before attending Calarts. As usual the story went through many phases before reaching the one that was made, its was far trippier before and maybe a little less comprehensible, believe it or not. The final outcome ended up being a competition of sorts between the two writers as to who can finish their books.”
Originally posted 7/12/10